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Be free from the box and live out of a suitcase as life is not meant to be lived with only routines. It’s good to slow down for a while and embrace the adventures by travelling the world; making memories, enjoying good meals, sightseeing and learning different cultures. A wonderful experience that will make you appreciate life more and find your mind gradually feel comfortably relaxed. In the end, travelling is a necessity and it doesn’t need a fixed plan to make a trip unforgettable. After all, travelling is about discovering the happiness.

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It’s Party Time

in 1971, the first Hero Supermarket was established by Mr. Kurnia with the dreams to make all Indonesia people easier to get fresh and good quality fresh product. Thanks for all support from Hero Supermarket’s customer. that dreams become larger to fulfill the needs of people of import product.

Now 45 years have passed, but the passion to provide the best for Indonesia continues to flare. A commitment to continue providing fresh food and good quality products are still being implemented for the sake of healt and comfort of all people. All of these are because of the gratitude for all support to Hero Supermarket

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Taste of Indonesia

More than 10.000 islands and 1.128 tribes (based on BPS RI data), 34 provinces stretch from Sabang to Merauke are parts of Indonesia archipelagic country. From there were born the diversity of cultural, culinary and archipelago exotic beauty that attracts the world to travel around. It is obviously seen from the fact that many parts of Indonesia has turned into favorite tourism destination like Bali, Raja Ampat, Lombok, and many more. This is the identity of Indonesia; the diversity that brings union. It is the beauty of unity that we celebrate on the Indonesian Independence Day, August 17th and on the same day, the passion to maintain and respect the union is reflamed.

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Europhoria Burst

June 10th till July 10th surely marks a historical moment for all international soccer players as there is the worldís soccer euphoria held in France, Europe. The party is held at  several towns in France and one of them is Nice, which is one of  favourite tourist destination. For this special moment, we specially present you a small tour about Nice; from the town to the favorite culinaries of Nice. For you who desire a meal with a sense of France, weíve provided few France menu recipes (page 13).

Not only about soccer party and culinary, but weíve also slipped varied tourist destination at Nice that might be a good reference for holiday.